Audrey Swenson: Co-presenter

  • Audrey started working with SAVA while she was still in high school as a SART Peer.  During college, Audrey became the Coordinator of the Women’s Resource Center on campus. Through this position, she expanded sexual violence prevention programming on campus; something that had never existed before on campus. After graduating, Audrey became the SART Peers Coordinator in 2010. Audrey asserts “it has been such a joy working for SAVA in addition to the Poudre schools. Not only do I believe in the programming we do, I have seen it shape lives and entire communities’ perceptions and feelings around sexual violence. The power of our programming lies in the lives we change and the advocates for social action these students become. The students I work with me give me hope for the future, restore my faith in humanity, and in the power of love and good to overcome all obstacles.”