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Colorado Advocacy in Action » Training and Education to End Domestic and Sexual Violence » Angela Hackett

Angela Hackett

  • Angela Hackett, MNM (candidate), is TESSA’s Advocate Business Manager having been with TESSA since April of 2010. Angela has presented statistics on; domestic violence, TESSA services, healthy relationships, and how advertisements in media depict woman in society at Pikes Peak Community College, and other local businesses. Angela has spoken to numerous faith leaders and faith groups, and various service providers about issues of sexual and domestic violence, and feels passionately about the role that faith communities should play in combating gender-based violence and oppression.  She presented at the 2011 Colorado Organizations for Victims Assistance conference, 2011 Domestic Violence Summit, and most recently at the 2012 Domestic Violence Academy.  She is a certified trainer of the bystander intervention program known as “Green Dot”.  Angela’s desire to combat all forms of oppression and provide hope and healing to victims of trauma inspire her to actively educate the community on healthy relationships and measure of inclusivity.

    Co-Presenter: Charity Richardson
    Charity Richardson, MA, LPC is the Clinical Services Program Manager at TESSA. She has been with TESSA since March 2010. She joined TESSA with strong experience in curriculum development, education and trauma therapy. Charity came to Colorado from Kansas City, MO where she worked as the Director of Education and Children’s Program Manager at Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital. She has also been in private practice for five years with Wings of Grace Counseling, specializing in child and adult trauma. Charity provides teen dating violence training and bystander intervention to local high schools, colleges and other special needs groups and has provided visionary leadership to grow TESSA’s programs and services to include bystander intervention and community engagement in TESSA’s mission.  TESSA’s mission is to help women and their children achieve safety and well-being while challenging communities to end sexual and family violence.