Together We Can: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence

  • extendedTogether We Can uses humor, audience interaction, popular culture analysis, and performance to take a critical look at the ways in which our culture facilitates sexual violence. Participants will explore ideas about healthy sex, obtaining consent, and the role popular culture plays in promoting unhealthy ideas about sex and consent. Participants will also address victim blaming, survivor dynamics, and responsibility for sexual violence in order to provide critical insights into the discourses that promote survivor self-loathing, and prevent survivor recovery. Finally, participants will engage in a fun and interactive critical thinking activity about the gendered language that facilitates sexual violence and promotes unhealthy ideas about femininity, masculinity and sexuality. This activity leads to a conversation about the ways that sexism, heterosexism, and dehumanization facilitate sexual violence and inhibit recovery. Together We Can is a thought provoking, motivational, and pragmatic tool for those with the desire and passion to build a world free from sexual violence.