Silvia Gonsalez

  • Silvia Gonsalez, a native of Denver Colorado, was introduced to Servicios de La Raza in 2001 when she became a participant of the youth program, WIA program.  She successfully completed the program in 2005 and graduated from Denver North High School in 2006.  She came back to officially work for Servicios as an administrative assistant in 2009.  In 2010, Silvia became the Program Coordinator for Servicios de La Raza’s Victims in Safe Transition and Self-sufficiency Program (VISTAS). Primarily her work focuses on victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  She’s actively involved with various community coalitions, boards, council advocating for victims and victim’s rights specifically within the Latino Spanish speaking community. Silvia is well known and respected for her expertise and strong commitment to serving victims within the domestic violence field. As a result of her expertise Silvia has been asked to be involved with, Rose Andom Center Planning Committee, Fatality Review Committee, Social Justice Change Committee, Denver Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Colorado State Forensic Compliance Statewide Committee.  Recently Silvia has been a regional trainer to train other agencies, schools, law enforcement and volunteers.