Lynee Sprague

  • Lynne was born and raised in Texas and moved to Colorado ten years ago. Lynne became political around her own experiences with intimate partner violence which set her on a course of doing anti-violence work for many years. Moving to Colorado and working with community groups with intersectional frameworks helped shape Lynne’s deep commitment to doing broader community work that is rooted in anti-oppression and social justice values. CAVP is near and dear to Lynne’s heart, as it is a place where there is a strong desire and commitment to develop new models for supporting communities struggling with intimate partner violence, including addressing the social issues in place that are eroding community safety nets. Lynne currently works as the Director of Advocacy and Co-Executive Director at the Colorado Anti-Violence Program, a statewide organization that works for safety and justice for LGBTQIA survivors of violence. Lynne also teaches classes on gender-based violence at the University of Denver.