Addressing the Challenges…Victim Advocacy in DV Offender Treatment

  • Are you working as a victim advocate with an offender treatment program?  Or maybe you are interested in doing this work?  This workshop is designed to promote greater inclusiveness of victim advocates in trainings, MTTs and the work of the DVOMB.  We will discuss how to overcome obstacles that limit advocates ability to work within offender treatment programs such as how to outreach to other advocates, how to locate victim contact information, how to participate on the MTT if working a different full time job, and overcoming geographical isolation.  We know that many advocates work in rural areas and will address and problem solve the issues faced by those advocates.  We will also address issues faced when providing advocacy for marginalized victims.  We will provide updates on current activities being undertaken by the DVOMB Victim Advocate Committee which include increased outreach to victim advocates and standards revisions on victim advocacy.  Additionally we will also provide a brief overview on current DVOMB standards.

    Addressing the Challenges…Victim Advocacy in DV Offender Treatment – Slides
    7.0  Victim Advocacy Coordination – Handout
    Restricting Couples Counseling – Handout
    5.08  Offender Competencies – Handout